” Remo Di Filippo, from Italia; 
Rhoda Lopez, from Australia: 
together we are, <Di Filippo Marionette> ! 

All of the puppets you see in the show we build and make ourselves in our studio workshop in Italy, except for the puppets’ clothes which are made by (Remo’s) “Mamma”. 

During the show we do not speak, and we hope you do the same… But if you see something you like, feel free to applaud, laugh or cry, and share your energy with us and with the marionettes – and together – we will create a magical show. “

From audience members: 
“I brought my children to see the show and I ended up enjoying the show more than they did!” 
“You start to watch only the marionettes, they are so alive, you actually feel something for them.” 
“There is something very special about their show, I have come back to see it many times with my family and they love it too.” 
Performances for all ages that are surprising, poetic and fun! 
We look forward to meeting you somewhere in the world, and please, come say hello to the marionettes too 🙂 


EMAIL:  difilippomarionette@gmail.com

AUSTRALIA:  +61 (0) 410 100 252

ITALIA:  +39 339 4600 352