Photos by Marco Biancucci


The protagonist of “Variations” is “Proto”, a puppet with wonderful possibilities.

Proto knows he is attached to threads and is perfectly aware of having two “figures” that help him to be alive.

In this show Proto lives a very personal journey that starts from his birth and goes through various fundamental stages of his existence. Thanks to his vitality we experience with irony and poetry very topical themes such as technology, fragility and the awareness of who we really are.

AUDIENCE:  recommended from age 6 and above

LANGUAGE:  no dialogue 

PERFORMER-PUPPETEERS: Remo Di Filippo & Rhoda Lopez


STAGE SPACE:  Theatre stage, minimum space 5m x 4m

SHOW LENGTH:  55 minutes

CONSTRUCTION: Di Filippo Marionette, Costumes: Martina Di Paolo & Carla Cinciripini