Trailer “Hanging by a thread”

Trailer_Di_Filippo_Marionette_2017 from remo di filippo on Vimeo.  

HANGING BY A THREAD A marionette puppet show full of simplicity and poetry.  

It takes you in, moves you and let’s you have fun. The marionettes are alive – they are able totransfer emotions.

“Light as the flight of a feather, strong as the beat of a heart on a pillow”


The company “Di Filippo Marionette” was created by Remo Di Filippo and Rhoda Lopez. 

The puppets they use are built by them in their small studio workshop in Italy.

The company has performed in festivals, theaters and schools in 20 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, South Korea, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Holland, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain , Switzerland, United States, and Hungary.  The show “Hunging by a Thread” was awarded as best show at the festivals: 

“Kleinkunstfestival” in Germany in 2017, “Briciole di Fiabe” Arezzo, January 2018, “In Fonte Veritas” Florence, April 2018, “Festival of the Invisible “, Mantua, July 2018, and” Belgorod Fun Kukol “, Russia September 2018. Their work is aimed at an audience of all ages: “they enchant children and make adults dream”.

-Di Filippo Marionette- “Time is life, and life lives in the heart.” 

LANGUAGE: No words or dialogue. SHOW LENGTH: Theatre: 50 minutes. Street: 30 minutes AUDIENCE: All ages (maximum audience size recommended 200-250) Construction & Interpretation: Remo Di Filippo, Rhoda Lopez Direction help: Filippo Di Filippo, Antonio Jose Putxades Costumes: Daniela Sergiacomi

Street version of “Hanging by a thread”

Di Filippo Marionette – Street Art Teaser 2017 from Marisa Dikta on Vimeo.

Costante Encounters

Constante encounters – Di Filippo Marionette from Marisa Dikta on Vimeo.

Hearts of Wood


Senza testa from remo di filippo on Vimeo.